Friday, June 25, 2004

Check out the TechEd Bloggers site for more info on TechEd Europe

For those of you who will not be heading to Amsterdam next week, stay tuned to the TechEd Bloggers site for details and reactions on the show!

The TechEd Bloggers site publishes Blog posts made by registered bloggers that somehow relate to TechEd. The bloggers first have to register their blog, which is pretty simple, at and there after any TechEd posts made will get published at the TechEd Blogger's site. Sadly, not all the TechEd related blog posts actually end up on the site. I've had a few of my that never made it, nor any clue why not! Oh well...

The TechEd Blogger team have provided a set of RSS feeds for posts, an OPML directory of all the bloggers, plus links to blog related stuff.

A nice site, with some useful information. For Euro-geeks, probably worth watching over the next few weeks.

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