Friday, June 04, 2004

Microsoft Online Seminars - in case you missed TechEd

While the content is not bang up to date or as deep technically as the Teched 400 level sessions, the Microsoft Online Seminar site has a large number of streaming media seminars.

There is an impressive amount of content for doiwhnload. For those of us who are not living right on the bleeding edge, this is really useful information, and I'll probalby end up spending time watching some of these .

The majority of these seminars appear to be at the 200 level (technical overview) bur there are some deeper talks at the 300 level.

Thanks to my MVP buddy Oli Restorick for pointing this out!.

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Thomas, keep up the excellent work with the Blog. Each time I pop by, there's something new to learn. These on-line seminars will help me prepare for an interview in a couple of weeks, so they're a valuable find. Cheers, Lee.