Thursday, May 26, 2005

Google Toolbar 3.0 beta

A beta for the latest version of the Google tool bar has been released as a web download (just over 500kb). PC magazine has a review of the beta which looks nice! When I used IE as my main browser I found the Google tool bar a great add-in, but as I now mainly use FireFox, this tool bar, which is IE only, is less useful. ill, it's nice that there are some nice new features. One I especially like is the spell checker for web forms. When I do blog entries for, for example, their web based blog engine has no spell checker, so the spell checker would be useful.

This blog has had a fair number of mentions about Google lately. I guess that's because they are constantly pumping out cool stuff. Google certainly is doing some interesting things. It's no wonder MS is a little nervous about them.

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Matt the Hat said...

From what I hear M$ are wetting their pants about Google.