Saturday, May 14, 2005

WPA2 comes to Windows XP

As most IT Pros know, Wireless Encryption Protocol (WEP) as originally designed is not very secure. While better than nothing, it's not a great deal better and is easily cracked. In a great Cable Guy article, The Cable Guy (aka Joe Davies) explains WPA2 in the latest installment of his monthly TechNet column. A great introduction to WPA2. And there's an update to Windows XPSP2 to allow you to use WPA2.


I agree with the point Barry makes in the comments: you need up to date drivers for your network cards. Not all manufacturers are totally up to speed.

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Barry said...

Not to be fussy but the updates that XP provides only work if your nic manufacturer releases drivers that support them.

For those of us using Toshiba laptops that's a long wait, as Toshiba are slow in releasing new drivers for the nics that they use, and the manufacturers never release the drivers themselves, it's always through the OEM.