Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogger Beta Breaks Live Writer

I'm a real fan of Windows Live Writer a free blogging tool from Microsoft. I have been using this tool extensively since it was launched for both my personal blog and my corporate blog. You can download this tool at the Live Writer web site.

However, the latest version of Live Writer does not work with Google's new Blogger Beta which hosts my blogs). As described in a post in the Live Writer Blog: style detection fails and none of the posts you publish actually show up on the blog. A new build of Live Writer (the one noted in the above paragrah) has not solved the problem - in fact things seem worse. So if you are using the new Google blogging beta, you may want to hold off downloading Live Writer until the team issue a fix. Please fix this Microsoft - and issue an updated build. Please??


√ėyvind Granberg said...


I'm a user of Windows Live Writer too, but I guess we're the victims of a digital war between MS and Google...


Is there another app out here doing the blog publishing stuff?

DragonStyle said...


I'm the dev lead on the Writer team. We're aware of this issue and we're actually working to fix it. Blogger released an update on Friday and some changes that they made caused a few hitches for us. We're working the details out now, but we plan on getting an updated version of Writer out ASAP.

You can stay on top of this at

Sorry that you ran into this problem!


Charles Teague

Sam said...

Any idea why Live Writer now tells me:

Server Error 0 Occurred

java.lang.Exception: RPC handler object "blogger2" not found and no default handler registered

Thomas said...

I have no idea on why this error has occured. I can't help feeling, however, it's not a LW problem - I did not think that LW was a java app and your error mesage talks a bout a "java.lang.Exception".