Thursday, November 30, 2006

Launching a UK PowerShell User Group

In an earlier blog post, I posed some questions surrounding a PowerShell User Group for the UK. After talking about this with Richard Siddaway and a few others, I have some initial answers, set out below. The good news is that we are moving ahead to form a UK PowerShell User Group.

It's important to note that what follows is just the starting point for the group and is a way of getting it going. Nothing is set in stone, and all the decisions can easily be changed if that's what is wanted.

Who are we?

Keeping with the PowerShell approach to naming, the group is called Get-PSUGUK. Get-PSUGUK is a user group open to anyone with an interest in PowerShell - including administrators and developers. The group should be broadly independent of Microsoft, but closely aligned.

Who runs it?

Richard has assumed the role of Chairman and I'm acting as vice-Chairman. We are trying to keep the user group informal, which means no legal status, at least at present!

We are also hoping to keep the group free to members, through the generosity of sponsoring firms, including Global Knowledge, Microsoft, and Perot Systems.

What do we do?

We meet every couple of months, midweek after working hours to discus PowerShell. We may also run some on-line events if this is something members want. The group will also have a web site, and if we can find someone to take it on, a newsletter.

Where do we meet?

We've decided to hold the first meeting on January 24th 2006 at Global Knowledge's office in Wokingham starting at 18:00. There will be a bit of beer and pizza, sponsored by the PowerGadgets people. The meeting will be free, but open to the first 25 members who register. Future meetings can be held at Microsoft (Reading, London) and Perot Systems in Nottingham - plus anywhere else we can get free meeting space.

How do I join?

To become a member, just send a mail to with your name and a working email address. Currently there is no fee to join or to attend meetings.

Our First Meeting

As noted, the first meeting will be at Global Knowledge on 24th January 2007. The draft agenda is:

  • Discussion on organisation (15 minutes max)
  • Discussion of installation and configuration of PowerShell and install fest (60 minutes max)
  • Beer pizza (30 minutes)
  • A presentation on PowerShell tools (TBA)
  • Round up and planning for the next meeting (25 min max)

Be sure to bring your laptops along and we'll help you to get PowerShell up and running for you.

Next Steps - Call to Action

  • If you are a UK PowerShell fan, then send an email to and become a member.
  • Mark the 24th of January in your diary and plan to turn up. You'll need to send mail to to register for the event.
  • Please comment on this blog if there's anything else we've missed.


TimM said...

I believe you have incorrectly put 24th of Jan 2006 (vs. 2007) in the description which is a bit confusing.

Can you also comment on what kind of experience you need to come along?


Jackson said...

If you'd like to promote your UG, you're welcome to add a User Group pin to the official PowerGadgets Frappr User/UserGroup map which will soon be online at