Thursday, August 09, 2007

Hey Silicon Valley - Please Fix Your Emails

I subscribe to a number of newsletters - I find  these very useful in both keeping up to date with events in our hi-tech world, and also to learn more about various news subjects. Once daily newsletter I particularly like is First Edition, published by The Mercury News. You can read this online from the Silicon Valley web site, or via email (see the signup page to subscribe).

I love these newsletters. However recently, someone's changed their format and I find them now much harder to read. Here's what today's edition looks like in my mail client:

If you are having difficulties viewing this newsletter, please click
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Updated: August 08, 2007
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First Edition: August 8, 2007
Article Launched: 08/08/2007 08:20:00 AM PDT

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In a stunning victory for government prosecutors, Gregory Reyes, the ...

I have tried mailing the publishers (can you find an easy way to reply?) but to no avail. I hope that, by posting this, SV might get the message and fix their mails.

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