Friday, August 31, 2007

Office Communication Server 2007 Videos

 Microsoft has published two downloadable videos promoting OCS 2007. Known as the Evil Presence videos, the first shows how an organisation can use OCS, while the second looks at the roundtable.

To get the downloads, see:  Unified Communications - Office Communication Server 2007 Videos


Busbar said...

Hi thomas,
I am mahmoud magdy, I got the UM lift up training with you in Dubai 3 months ago if you remember, it is nice to start talking to you as a colleague after global knowledge acquired synergy , I just finished the OCS ignite workshop here in Egypt with Sherif Tawfik (MS architect), I will start publishing some nice things about it because I will have fun with it in the next couple of months, hoping that we will cooperate to get closer to know that big new beast.

Mahmoud Magdy

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Sarah Hall said...

Frankly speaking, I am glad that Microsoft has finally published two downloadable videos promoting OCS 2007! Thank you for this announcement! I am going to make a custom paper soon, and this info can be of use, I hope:)