Thursday, November 29, 2007

TechNet Plus Subscription Offer: Great Bargain, Much Cheapness (US only)

While there's not much time left, Microsoft's just posted a pretty cool TechNet Plus Subscription Offer. For a very limited time, you can pick up a 1-year subscription to TechNet Plus for US$279.

Sadly, although I saw this in the UK flash, it looks like this offer is US only. :-( Hey Microsoft - that's poor. I hate that MS send me an offer in email  that I can't actually use. It might be a nice touch, given the crazy exchange rate MS software is sold at here in UK (i.e. nearer 1$=1£, versus $2.05 to the £ that the FEX is offering). But I digress. TechNet Plus is a great product for IT pros, even at the inflated prices in the UK.

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