Friday, November 09, 2007

Windows PowerShell V2 Graphical Help File Available

The PowerShell V2 goodies keep on coming! Those nice Scripting Guys have not released the Windows PowerShell Graphical Help File (Version 2.0). This 2.6mb executable file is actually just a self extracting zip -  PowerShell2.chm.

This .chm is just the same info as in other PowerShell help files, just wrapped in a more friendly CHM wrapper. This CHM file is actually the same Windows PowerShell help file that you’ve come to know and love plus some addons. The Microsoft Scripting Guys wrapped the PowerShell help files into a more user-friendly (and fully-searchable) format and added some stuff. In the CHM you’ll find:

  • Windows PowerShell cmdlet help for all cmdlets.
  • Windows PowerShell “About” files (all of them)
  • The Script Center’s VBScript to Windows PowerShell Conversion Guide. Help for the VBS dudes converting into the light.
  • The Windows PowerShell Beginner’s Guide, featuring articles from the Script Center’s Windows PowerShell Owner’s Manual. A nice addon.
  • A complete collection of the Script Center’s PowerShell tips of the week. Great tips to play with and to help you to learn more.

Nice job!

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