Friday, December 18, 2009

PowerShell For Visio

I was looking tonight for add-ins for PowerShell, and I came across a pretty neat tool: PowerShell for Visio. This is a free tool that provides a visual designer for PowerShell. This is a small free download for Visio 2007 – so far as I know, it’s not supported yet on Visio 2010. The download comes with source code, which is a nice touch.

After installation, you’ll find some new PowerShell Templates included:



You select a template then create a workflow using the template. Here’s a really simple example



Then look at the tab and you’ll see a script:


It’s pretty limited, but a great start. What would be really cool is if this tool wsa taken to the max and included (with FULL support for all of PowerShell) into Visual Studio.

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1 comment:

xcud said...

PowerWF does something similiar. Drag and drop worflow that interoperates (compiles into and imports from) PowerShell.