Saturday, December 05, 2009

Yet another Microsoft MCT Courseware Download Site Outage

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I am able to download courseware – both for study purposes and for the courses I deliver. Sadly, the site has been somewhat less than perfect of late. The latest incident is today: I simply can’t get to it at all:


Now another great benefit is the Regional Support centre. There’s a nice web form for reporting errors. But when I do, I get a canned reply, typically 2 days later, saying “we need a screen shot” – and without screen shots they just close the case. If a screen shot is needed, then why don’t a) they say so and b) provide me a mechanism to input it when I report the latest issue. I suppose this is more proof, as if it was needed, of MS’s internal/outsourced support being sub-optimal.

This is not the first time this site has failed – it’s doing it best to emulate a yo-yo. As a paying customer (MCTs have to pay for the privilege), I find these continuing issues to be unacceptable. Having complained privately, things just seem to get worse. It looks lik the only way to get this fixed is to go public. I will include the link to this blog post in the report to the support centre. I await their response.

If you have problems with this site, please post a comment here!

[Later] The problem resolved itself. After a couple of reboots, I tried again and it worked fine. I got a call 2 days later from the RSC saying they could not reproduce the issue.


James said...

I'm with you - it has got steadily worse, and don't get me started on about the learning library.

fox Dragon said...

has been upgraded to the cloud, try this now.

fox Dragon said...

Site has been migrated to the cloud , I hope it works better now :)