Thursday, September 22, 2011

Windows PowerShell Bible To Be Published Soon!

I am really pleased to see that the PowerShell Bible 2.0, from Wiley, is due to be published very soon.



This labour of love from Karl Mitschke, Mark Schill and Tome Tanasovski took a lot of time and effort. I’m so glad to see it finished and nearly in the shelves.

Feel free to visit any book seller and buy as many copies as you like. Once the book is published and I get my rather meager allowance of them, I will have a few copies to give away to those folks who attend my PowerShell Master Classes!


John Thompson said...

Hi Thomas,

Sorry to post this on your blog but you mentioned your MasterClass. I am interested in attending this on 24th October, I just wondered if there were still spaces available?

Kind regards

John Thompson

Thomas Lee said...

The current PowerShell class is being held November 5/6 in Victoria in London. See for details of the event and how to book.

Hope this helps - I'd lovre to have you on the event.