Friday, January 18, 2013

Microsoft PowerShell V3 Course (10961) Announced

Microsoft’s just published details of it’s ‘official’ course on PowerShell V3. This is being written by Don Jones, so it should be a pretty solid course. I look forward to teaching this course, which is meant to go live in May. I don’t know who the TE will be, but I’ve certainly volunteered!

The course looks to be a good beginners look at PowerShell V3. As the Microsoft web site points out, this will be a 200-level look and is not intended to teach much about scripting or programming. For those IT pros who have never seen PowerShell, this looks to be a very good course, although it will be pedestrian and will not be overly technically deep.

I have my own PowerShell V3 material and have been teaching V3 for some months. My material is more condenses, and at a higher level (300-400), and I have more advanced material for those needing more specific PowerShell related skills such as using PowerShell to manage XML and SQL. One (if I do say so myself) awesome aspect of my material is that delegates build their own VM test environment using PowerShell scripts (i.e. ones I started blogging about this week).

I am looking forward to the new course – which should be great fun to deliver as well as being able to challenge delegates with more advanced material as needs be.

As soon as I get the courseware and am able to, I’ll post more about this course.

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