Thursday, January 17, 2013

PowerShell Profile Files

As a power user of PowerShell, I have heavily customised my environment, through the use of profile files. I create additional PS drives, define key variables and aliases, create credential objects for my test labs and local domain, configure the title bar to make the user I’m running PowerShell as a bit clearer, etc.  My ISE profile file also imports a few modules which add menus to the ISE console. I rely on my profiles – and even when teaching. I’ve put up a base console and ISE profile on my DropBox account and have loaded the basic files there.

But when it comes to running background jobs or doing remoting, those profile files are not, as it were, in play. Mike Pfeiffer, over on Don Jones (old) blog, writes an interesting article about this very point. While the post dates from 2011, the relevance of profiles is all the more these days as remoting becomes much more prevalent (and the ‘missing’ profiles become more of an irritation!).

This article is worth a read!


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