Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Help Send Me To Teched?

Microsoft has given the UK MVPs a challenge – and I love a challenge. They, Microsoft UK, is hoping you’ll take a look at System Centre and Windows Server. They have three sets of goodies for you:

The deal is this: if Microsoft get enough clicks, thanks to you generous clicking of these URLs, then those MVPs who participate go into a draw, with 1st prize being a trip to TechEd Madrid this summer. It’s a show I’d love to go to – so please click now and click often.

AND, as an added incentive – if these URLs get more than 250 click thrus, then MS will give me a new Windows Phone. Now those of you who know how much I love my iPhone – if I win the phone, I’ll give up my iPhone for 3 months and use the Windows phone exclusively. So for all those who have been telling me to get a Windows Phone – here’s your chance!

Please click here, here AND here.

Click all! Click early!! Click often!!!


Thanks !

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