Saturday, March 02, 2013

WMI Explorer–Where’s It Gone–A Temporary Solution

As a trainer, teaching PowerShell, I use WMI Explorer heavily. For those who may be unfamiliar, this is a PowerShell script that displays information about WMI on a system. Written by MOW, a PowerShell MVP, it is for me the best tool I can find for displaying WMI data to the class.

The bad news is that for some reason, it’s old home is not resolving – so all the search engine listings point to a host that for some reason is not there. IN the meantime, I’ve put a copy up on my web site at

I will be in contact with MOW to see what’s up and to ensure he’s OK with me hosting this magnificent bit of code.

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Hodgson said...

As an alternative, there's wmi tools from MS:

As an alternative alternative, you can use this script: My apologies for the code; wrote it a long time ago and haven't looked at it since, though I often use it. Just run it like:

./wmi-search.ps1 somepattern

and it should bring up any class that matches the pattern.