Monday, March 18, 2013

Moving to a Windows Phone–Part 1

As many readers of this blog have noticed, I was issued and have accepted a challenge from Microsoft.   Microsoft UK is promoting  ways for IT Pros to get copies of Windows Server and System Center. Their challenge was to get people to click through to their sit where you can download the relevant software and try it out. My reward, as described here was twofold: If the bunch of challengees get enough clicks, Microsoft UK will pay for us to go to TechEd. I’ve been a TechEd EU supporter since my first TechEd UK in a wet rainy Bournemouth in 1994. And second, if we each got over a certain number, Microsoft UK would give me  a new Windows 8 phone.

So before reading further, please click here, here AND here. If in doubt. PLEASE click: here, here AND here.  And if you click here, here AND here, you may be met by a Microsoft ID sign on. If you have a Microsoft Id, go further, but if not apologies and move on. If you want to help more:  click here, here AND here.

Now those of you know me, know I love my iPhone. Those very nice people at American Express UK gave me an iPhone 2 years ago after some appalling mistakes on their part.They screwed up mega-big time but fixed the problem and sent me a (then) new iPhone by way of a tangible apology. Much appreciated it was, and I have since become utterly in love with my phone. Frankly, I have NO good reason to upgrade other than to respond to the challenge. And, as part of the challenge, I have agreed that if I won the phone, I would use it exclusively for 3 months.

In terms of a new phone – if truth be told and all things are equal, I’d have another iPhone. It is all I could want and more. The phone bit sort of sucks at home- but that's O2’s issue NOT Apple’s. And no matter WHAT handset I get, O2 will still suck at home (I think), but I will easily live with that. So,bottom line, if I really am to dump my iPhone, it’s replacement better be as good.

With that all said - the news is in: I am tomorrow picking up a new Nokia Lumina 820. I am committed to a 3 month run. Watch this space! I am going to Microsoft’s offices tomorrow morning to pick up my new phone.  I will post more ASAP

And in the meantime: please help me to go to TechEd Madrid by clicking: here, here AND here. Please?

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