Friday, June 14, 2013

TechEd Europe 2013 - Surface Offer (I’m Buying)

I’ve long held out from buying a table device. We bought my daughter one and I enjoy playing with it (when I’m allowed), but for me a tablet is a device too many. I have my phone and laptop – why do I need a tablet TOO.  Just another device to feed and to lose.

I travel a great deal and lately, as I look around the planes/trains/lounges/etc., folks with laptops are almost non-existent. Everyone seems to be using tables. I have, over the past few weeks, been considering a purchase – but the full list price seemed to me to just be too high for something I don’t really need.

What price would I pay is a fair question. If I was to have a tablet, I’d probably prefer an iPad fondleslab, but mainly due to the apps and the wonderfulness of it’s design/build. However, having seen a few Surface devices, I am really swayed. While the Apple device has the benefit of the eco-system (3rd party add ons plus the sheer number of application). But as I thought, there are going to be times when I simply don’t need the weight of the laptop – I just need a device to do mail, and a bit of writing that I really can’t do on the phone.

So what WOULD I be willing to pay? Obviously, if the device were free, I’d have it now. But back in the real world, and given I really don’t need a tablet, I could be persuaded to pay up to around £75 for a Surface RT 64, and maybe up to £350 for a Surface Pro 128. Whilst that may seem cheep (and it would be!), that’s the point where it could be worth it to me. Again, this is a device I don’t' really want, and would be worried about losing!

Well imagine my surprise when I read this blog article this morning: Special Surface Offer for TechEd Europe 2013 Attendees. I had to refresh the page a couple of times, and check to see if this really was an offer coming from Microsoft. I guess that they did a similar offer at TechEd US, Microsoft needed to so the same here in Europe. Well Done Microsoft – and THANKS.

So, I am definitely getting a Windows Surface device. Now the key question: which one? Or do I do seriously greedy and go for both.


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Ruben en Moniek Bremen said...

And whitch one die you choose?

Ruben en Moniek Bremen said...

Ans whitch one die you choose?