Friday, June 14, 2013

TechEd Europe 2013–I’m Going!!!

Back in February I got a challenge by Microsoft UK to help to drive up clicks on some Microsoft Sites. One of the prizes in the challenge was a free pass to TechEd, assuming I got enough clicks. Well, I’m happy to say that thanks to all you nice folks (and your friends, etc.), I WON THE PASS! A lot of you clicked a whole heck of a lot!!

So in just over a week, I’ll be heading down to Madrid. I’m going to attend the MCT Day Zero, where I’m running session on PowerShell. Then a day off, Monday, where I’ll probably just do some sightseeing followed by 4 days of hard core TechEd. I’m particularly keen to see all the new features coming in Windows 2012 R2. And of course hang out with a bunch of people!

See you there!


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