Monday, May 19, 2014

SpiceWorld London 2014–A Wonderful Conference

Last week I had a wonderful opportunity to attend and speak at Spicework’s SpiceWorld London. It was a great 2-day event held at The Brewery, Chiswell Street in the city. I mentioned this event in my blog (see

The event itself was lovely – it was fairly small and intimate. This allowed time and space to meet other delegates and to talk to the exhibitors. The Exhibition was also pretty good – I got to talk to some great companies and picked up some great take-aways. Thanks especially to Acronis for a full copy of their software, which is really, really useful. And thanks to HP for the really nice phone charger – as it turns out, I needed it for the train ride home.

My talk was entitled Bringing Home The Bacon – an Introduction to Windows PowerShell. I’ve uploaded the slides to SlideShare ( and you are free to take a look. The talk is introductory to PowerShell, but I did spend time both in slides and in the talk making the case for PowerShell. I certainly persuaded many IT Pros to at least take a look, but there are always going to be some die hards who will only relinquish the GUI when it’s pried from their cold dead hands. I can see their point – although my view is simpler. There are two types of admin – those who just know the GUI and those who know the GUI and PowerShell. The latter are always going to be the ones making the bigger bucks.

One unique aspect of the event was the presence of all of the founders of Spiceworks, who were there both to talk to the attendees, but also to listen. I had several great conversations around the use of PowerShell in the SpiceWorks applications and how that might be achieved. It was utterly awesome to have a view (i.e. SpiceWorks needs a PowerShell interface) and have the very people who can deliver that there and listening. It was very refreshing.

Of course, any great conference had to have good parties and that was sure the case. The pre-party was held at a pub – which was just able to hold all the attendees. And the main party, held at The Vault, was pretty cool too, complete with a nice band.

I am looking forward to next year’s event already!

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