Thursday, May 01, 2014

SpiceWorld London Speakers Announced

Spiceworks is a free network management, monitoring, helpdesk, pc inventory and reporting solution. Produced by Spiceworks. But Spiceworks also has a very active technical support set of forums, including ones for Windows, VOIP, and of course PowerShell.

I’ve been contributing to Spiceworks since last autumn and am enjoying the place. I find the community a lot more supportive and a little less whiney than some of the other support boards. the place is very welcoming to newbies which I find especially good.

Every year, Spiceworks has a conference, SpiceWorld, which is held both in the US and in London. The conference is aimed at helping folks use the SpiceWorks app but also to be even more awesome IT Pros. AND, one feature that gets a lot of attention is the swag – I’m told I should bring an extra suitcase. This year’s London SpiceWorld is being held at The Brewery in Chiswell street on May 13-14. See for the details.

Every year, one or two of the SpiceHeads (those of us active on the Spiceworks site) get asked to contribute. This year, it’s my turn and I’m going to be speaking about (ed: what else) PowerShell. My talk will be titled Bringing Home The Bacon With PowerShell with scripting and automation. It’s a short talk, I only have an hour, but I’ll be trying to cover the basics of PowerShell and looking more importantly at why every IT Pro should be keen to learn more.

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