Friday, June 06, 2014

Creating an Internal PowerShellGet Repository

One of the cooler things announced at this year's TechEd US was OneGet, a new public repository and supporting cmdlets for PowerShell modules. OneGet enables you to find and install useful PowerShell modules. This is pretty cool.

The initial repository is a public one - and that may not suit everyone. You may not want your users just loading stuff because they can. Likewise, you may not wish to publish corporate modules to a public repository, for any one of a number of reasons.

To resolve this problem, the PowerShell Team blog has just published a cool post, by John Slack, that describes how to setup an internal PowerShell Get repository. If you have a lot of modules and want to provide a self-service repository, this article shows you how. It also provides some additional background on PowerShell Get. This is great information which, imho, should be in any about_PowerShellGet help file. Sadly, there is no such help file as yet. We'll see if future versions of PowerShell include such a file.

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