Tuesday, June 17, 2014

PowerShell Profile Files – What's in Yours?

I've recently finished teaching a PowerShell course – and during the course we got into a long discussion on Profiles and how to best use them. With 4 or more (think ISE vs. Console, etc) profile files to pick from, what to you put into your profile file and which ones do you use? We had a lively discussion and decided that for the most part,just using Profile (this host, current user) is probably easiest as most systems have just one user logging in and that user (i.e. me/you) tends to just need two profiles (one for console and one for ISE).

But that leaves the question: what should I put into my profile. I just noticed a good Scripting Guys post showing what a number of Microsoft employees use in their profile files. This makes good reading, provides food for thought and has given me ideas of things I want to add to my profile. Happy reading.

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