Friday, February 27, 2015

Updated Azure Module Is Released

I am just back from teaching Azure and Office 365 in Belgium where we used the latest version of the Azure Cmdlets. The new version, 0.8.14 contains a huge number of updates and improvements. The changes include:
  • New StorSimple commands in AzureServiceManagement mode.
  • Updated HD Insight cmdlets
  • New Azure Insights cmdlets in AzureResourceManager mode
  • A new cmdlet for Azure VM, Get-AzureVmDSCExtensionStatus to get the DSC status for a VM
  • A number of new Azure Automation cmdlets in AzureResourceManager mode
I like that Azure is becoming more DSC aware – I am really excited about seeing DSC being fully implemented in both Windows and Azure.
To get this new version, you can either use the Web Platform Installer (which allows you to install more than just the new module).  Or, you can go to Github, and get the stand-alone version from the Azure-PowerShell repository ( The latter is an MSI that installs the updated module. Note that if you are running PowerShell already, then the MSI could ask you to either close those windows, or reboot to get the new module fully installed.
This update shows the sheer pace at which Azure is being updated. I find it staggering when you compare it to some earlier MS development cycles (e.g. the 5 years between NT4 and Windows 2000). The really good news is that Azure is getting richer and better by the month. The downside is the sheer difficulty IT Pros may have keeping up with this rapid pace of change. All in all, I think this is really not a bad problem to have!

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