Monday, April 27, 2015

Azure Virtual Networking – An MVA Course

I taught an Azure class week to a bunch of architects who were fairly new to Azure. It seemed to me that one of the subjects they had the most trouble getting to grips with was Azure Networking. Interoperating with Azure VMs (in a service and in a vnet) and Azure Paas instances is just different from on-premises networking, what with VIPs,DIPS, the complexity of VPNs, etc. There is nothing that can't be learned, but for seasoned architects used to on-premises networking many of the fundamentals are just plain different.

I see that Microsoft's Virtual Academy has brought out a course on Azure Networking, which you can find here: This course covers Virtual Networking in Azure. Basic networking inside VMs is not covered however – and that would make a great MVA course.

One small comment on this course (and some of Azure documentation) – there are not enough pictures. As this course progresses, I'd have liked to have seen more pictures containing the details. Nevertheless, the material is well covered.

This  course has four units:

  • Introduction to Azure Networking Basics and VPN requirements
  • Plan and Design your Cloud Network Infrastructure
  • Configuring Azure and On Premises
  • Testing connectivity and Monitoring

Each module has a video – in the 4 modules the videos last around 55 minutes. Each module also has a slide presentation you can download and a short assessment to test your learning. Tags: ,

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