Thursday, April 02, 2015

New Version of Azure PowerShell Module

As I was writing another blog post last night, I discovered that the Azure PowerShell module has been updated – the new version is 0.8.16. The Azure module now boasts 606 cmdlets (and 35 aliases).  The updated module has some new cmdlets (notably for Azure Insights), bug fixes and some changes to the Azure Websites cmdlets that partly reflect the removal of Web sites and their replacement (web apps).

You can get the updated module from This page features a download link to both the (updated) web platform installer and to a standalone MSI for just the module.  The page also has some more details on what's new.

Interestingly – the updated module still supports for Azure web sites (e.g. New-AzureWebsite) despite the GUI (the Azure portal and the Azure preview portal) having dropped these in favour of the newly announced Web Apps functionality that in effect subsumes the older Web Sites feature). The Azure portals no longer show Web sites, whereas the cmdlets still support the feature. One noticeable and important difference here – the web site cmdlets do not appear to support the gallery function. So while creating a web site is pretty trivial, creating it via a gallery (e.g. a WordPress site complete with MySQL) does not appear possible (yet).

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