Friday, January 07, 2005

More on Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware Beta

I posted about this yesterday - and I've been playing with this a bit today, first on my main desktop (which was pretty clean). It generated a couple of false positives, and the deep search identified problems contained in one of the restore points. The scan on my laptop was pretty clean too.

Some observations:

1. The download is 6.23 MB.

2. MS have a simplified FAQ at

3. It installs on XP without needing a reboot.

4. It does not deal with cookies.

5. It looks an awful lot like Counterspy.

6. There is an open newsgroup for folks to talk about the product. Sadly, there are a lot of anti-MS posters there, which diminishes the value of the group a bit.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah and i saw a review here: my p4 run slow which sucks