Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Stop Ashlee Simpson from "Singing" Petition

I have no idea who Ashlee Simpson is, and can not recall ever hearing her name or her singing. Having said this, Stop Ashlee Simpson from "Singing" Petition is doing the rounds, and thus far, has over 190,000 signatures (and seems to be growing by 10-20k signatures per day). The original petition was created by Bethany Decker in the US, as a bit of a protest. She never dreamed it would become a popular cause.

So what impact is this likely to have. One could argue that 190,000 people can't all be wrong. On the other hand, you could assume that 'all publicity is good publicy', and that this will just help her albumn sales. But what I do find very aumusing is that on the view signature pages, the site owners have put in Google Ad frame - advertising Ashlee Simpson tickets and her 'music'.

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