Thursday, January 06, 2005

The Worlds Safest Online Computing Environment

According to a recent study entitled: Deep study: The world's safest computing environment , a UK Security firm says BSD and Apple MSC OSX (which is based on BSD) are the safest. In a survey conducted by IT security firm mi2g, the firm analysed 235k successful digital breaches against a global set of 24x7 permanently connected systems.

Their results show that Linux was the most breached (65.64% of all breaches recorded), while breeches of Windows based systems remained steady (25.19%). MAC OS X or BSD based online computers trended down to 4.82%. The breaches analysed hit all sectors, including home based systems (32%), SMBs (54.9%) and larger enterprises (only 2.5%). From these numbers, the smaller business was hit hardest.

For more information on BSD and MAC OSX,and a good bit of background on BSD, see Darwin/Mac OS X: The Fifth BSD over on

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