Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm being mailbombed!

I don't quite know what I did to upset someone, but since just before midnight, I've been under a mailbomb attach from ''. It appears that someone behind this site received mail from the patch management mailing list that I'd submitted earlier. However, the mail filter at seemed to have taken exceptoin to my post, and decided it was spam. It's been telling me about it ever since. I had several hundred mails before I managed to get a bounce filter installed. But since then, I've bounced over 10,000 more mails back to them. Right now my mail client seems to be coping, but only just. As I type this, my client is bouncing up to 5 mails a second and the curent backlog is just about 1000 mails yet to download.

If you are the administrator of,or know the administrator - could you tell them please to shut off their spam filter till it's a bit more reliable? But if you are the administrator, you'll need to use a different email addres as I've blocked your domain from my site.

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