Monday, February 14, 2005

On the dangers of blogging

I came across an interesting page this morning: List of fired bloggers, folks whose blog entry or entries got them fired. Does your firm have a policy in place regarding the status of blogging and what can/can not be said? The company I work for currently has no formal policy on blogging. And in the absence of any formal policy, it can be difficult to know what will get you fired. And all too often, as the folks on this page have learned to their cost, some organisations might be said to react in a bizarre way to blog posts.

So, until and unless your organisation adopts a formal policy, you may be better off simply not mentioning the company you work for You should also probably refrain from making jokey comments in your blog about your pointy haired bosses, your lack of email, your having to wear meaningless badges in lieu of having any kind of real security, etc, etc. It's clear that some organisations have had a sense of humour bypass as well as all common sense glands removed.

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Mark Wilson said...

You're still annoyed about those badges then ;-)