Monday, February 14, 2005

A neat FireFox Trick

As I noted in a recent blog post, I've been using the Firefox browser as my main browser on my home workstation. This has proved to be successful - I like a lot of the features of the browser (although to be fair, much of what I actually enjoy most comes from 3rd party extensions rather than to firefox itself). One key Firefox feature I do love is tabbed browsing. This enables me to have a single window with a large number of related pages open at once. The update all tabs makes a co-ordinated update of all the pages quick and easy.

It turns out that if you feed Firefox a set of URLs, separated by teh "|" character, FF can open a window, with each page in a separate tab. Going further you can create a desktop short cut, with the shortcut pointing to the "|" delimited string of site names to create a short cut to a tabbed set, all in one window. For some things I do, this is really handy. You all probably knew this, but I thought it was cool. Now all I've got to so is to work out how to save as set of open tabs (opened by manual browsing) as a single shortcut from within FireFox.


Andy said...

Unless i'm misunderstanding your question, you can just go to bookmarks, bookmark this and then select the option to bookmark all the tabs into a folder.
When you want to open them all again you select the open in tabs option.
I didn't know about opening the urls as | seperated - that is cool - thanks.

Taff said...

To save a number of manually-opened tabs, go to Tab - Save Current Tab Session (you can also give this session a more friendly name via Tab - Load Tab Session - Rename).
To reopen the session at a later time, go to Tab - Load Tab Session and choose your session. All tabs will be reopened and can then be refreshed in the way you have described.