Friday, November 25, 2005

MFC applications leak GDI objects on computers that are running Windows XP

After re-installing XP on my Laptop (due to a disk crash), I got bit by this bug in XP SP2 again. I still can't quite work out why, when this bug was fixed in XP SP1, it was both re-introduced with SP2 and is a 'request only' fix. Just like the fix for the bug in Virtual PC that I described earlier, you have to in effect, pay just to talk to some one to resolve the issue. I got hit again by this latter bug - standing on stage, presenting a workship for Microsoft and being unable to do anything but reboot and hope for the best.

Of course, if the fix is for a bug, MS is supposed refund the money. But I resent the need to pay for a support call around a documented Microsoft bug. I also don't feel good about being forced to take the risk that MS really IS going to refund the money as well.

Anyway, I need these fixes, so I bit the bullet, and called MS Support. It took just over 1.5 minutes to navigate through the ear candy and the phone menu to reach someone. Unfortunately, the first words out of her mouth were "our systems are updating and we can not create a call - please call back later".

I don't care about their system issues, I just want the hot fixes. MS care abour "CPE" - Customer/Partner Experience - well today, they've scored a big fat zero and I look forward to having a survey to fill out awarding them that score. I've got Windows XP SP2 loaded, and I am getting hit by two known and documented bugs which MS is making it hard to resolve - this is not a good way to increase CPE.

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