Saturday, November 26, 2005

Technet Deployment Assistance Workshops

I am currently engaged in a small UK TechNet Roadshow tour - doing 4 of these in Manchester, London, Edinburgh and Birmingham. The first two events (Manchester and London) have already run - Edinburgh is next week and Birmmingham is in December. I think there's still room on both events so come along if you can.

The event is divided into two days. The first day is primarily around deployment of the XP platform, while day 2 is around deploying applications. Since attendees can go on one or both days, I'm doing some platform discussion on day 2 and some application discussion on day 1 to cater for those who come for only one day. There's a huge range of things to cover around unattended build and deployment, application compatibility, group policy, deployment of Office itself, application packaging. There's a week's worth of material, jammed into two days - and despite the title of the event, I do all the work, while the delegates listen and learn.

To support this event, I have uploaded some DAP related content to my website. There are slides from past events, but the soft copy of the curreent slides are not there yet. Mainly because they are too big (over 100MB zipped). I'm working on a solution - I'll post more details here when I've found a work around.

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