Wednesday, November 16, 2005

More on Monad with RTM .NET Framework

In a recent blog post, I pointed out that you can now run an updated version of Monad on the RTM version of the .NET Framework. The de-install and re-install is flawless - and aside from the size of the Framework download, it's pretty quick. However, the first time execution of Monad generates a tonne of errors, due to the new code-signing policy. IMHO, this is a setup bug - and while I can live with it - it sure is ugly!


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Nathan Cook said...

I had already installed .net RTM (via VS 2005) and then had to remove it, reinstall the beta version, remove MSH, install .net RTM and install the updated MSH.


Everything is working. Thoses errors when opening MSH aren't too bad. I followed the release notes and got rid of them (deleted config file and turned off signing).