Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Browser Market Share

I watch the stats for this blog site using Site Meter. One interesting aspect of these stats is the Browser Share report which shows which browser types are used to access the content here. While the exact numbers vary, I can see some broad trends.

Almost to be expected, FireFox 1.x is used for 28% of hits, IE7  23% and IE6 at 45%. Mozilla, Netscape 5 and Netscape 4 each have 1%. From time to time, I also see Opera and Safari although today these don't show up. The interesting one is "Google 4.X", at 1%.

In terms of trends, I see two: first FireFox is slowly growing - A year ago, FF was at under 10%. The second is that while IE as a total is declining (due to FireFox growth), we can see the transition from IE6 to IE7.

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