Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Microsoft Learning Killing Off MOF Training

In one of the dumber moves by MSL (and that's saying something), I've just learned that the existing Microsoft Operations Framework training it to be killed off.

The official statement says: "Microsoft Learning is retiring Microsoft Official Courseware "Course 1737: Microsoft Operations Framework Essentials" and "Course 1787: Microsoft Operations Framework Changing Quadrant." Both courses will be retired on December 31. Until that time, you can order both Student Workbooks and Trainer Kits normally. However, these orders will not include the simulation that was previously provided in the Trainer Kit. This simulation is no longer available through Microsoft Learning. The Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) is not being retired. Only the existing courseware is being retired. After January 1, 2007, we will place the Microsoft Operations Framework curriculum for both courses for Free Download on the MCT download site. This will include both Trainer and Student books (not the simulations). "

Words fail me.

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