Monday, August 21, 2006

Pain in Aid of Charity

As some readers know, my daughter has epilepsy. In her case, it's a condition that's been around pretty much since birth, and thus far, has not been completely resolved with drug treatment. Since the beginning of the year, we've put Rebecca on the ketogenic diet, a specialised diet for children with epilepsy. While the diet has not, yet. "cured" her, Rebecca's condition is much improved - fewer seizures and a reduced drug load.

We'd never have been able to do the diet without the help of a small local charity: Matthew's Friends. The folks there have been a constant source of help, inspiration and hope. A fantastic site, but one you'd probably never come across.

Recently (well a few months ago really), the firm I used to work for, QA, had a "Dress Down Day" to raise a bit of money to support Matthew's Friends. As part of the day's entertainment I agreed to have my legs waxed. Much to my surprise, and genuine delight, two of my colleagues agreed to take part as well. I've put up 4 pictures at The pictures are kind of big, but the last is perhaps the best!

The day was fantastic - as you can see, the folks at QA all had a lot of fun. It was, all in all, possibly the best day I ever had at QA (now sadly defunct after being taken over by InterQuad). We had a lot of fun, and managed to raise a reasonable sum for a truly great charity. Can it get much better?

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