Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Network Monitor 3.1 Beta Is Launched

Netmon has been a product I've used for many years - using it to capture packet traces for the TCP/IP books I worked on. Netmon was first issued as part of SMS, and a crippled version of Netmon was shipped with earlier versions of Windows Server. After a long silent time, the Netmon finally issued a massively updated version, Netmon 3.0, a few months ago. Just the other day, Microsoft shipped the first beta of Network Monitor 3.1. You can get it via MS's Connect site.

Netmon includes a host of new features, along with a bias towards Vista.

Key features included in this beta are:

  • Wireless (802.11) capturing and monitor mode on Vista - With supported hardware, (Native WIFI), you can now trace wireless
    management packets. You can scan all channels or a subset of the ones your wireless NIC supports. You can also focus in on one specific channel. We now show the wireless metadata for normal wireless frames.
  • RAS tracing support on Vista - Now you can trace your RAS connections so you can see the traffic inside your VPN tunnel. Previously this was only available with XP.
  • Microsoft Update enabled - Now you will be prompted when new updates exist. 
  • New look filter toolbar - MS has changed the UI related to apply and remove filters. You can now apply a filter without having to UN-apply it first. 
  • New reassembly engine - The reassembly engine has been improved to handle a larger variety of protocol reassembly schemes. 
  • New public parsers - These include ip1394, ipcp, ipv6cp, madcap, pppoE, soap, ssdp, winsrpl, as well as improvements in the previously shipped parsers.
  • And numerous Bug Fixes -  MS has  fixed many of the confirmed bugs.

Netmon rocks!



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