Sunday, May 20, 2007

OCS 2007 Ignite -It Rocks

Last week, I was in Munich delivering the OCS Ignite workshop for a very interesting group of partners and MS employees from eastern Europe. It was a great couple of days - some great hands on lab exercises, good documentation and (thanks Microsoft!!) great hospitality. The Ignite workshops are being deployed around the works by Microsoft, assisted by Global Knowledge ( in EMEA. 

We also discovered some very interesting issues with VMs - we hit what appears to be the bug described in KB Article 875485. I say "appears" - I now have the hot fix noted in this article but have not yet been able to test it. What is intriguing is that the problem did not exist on all machines - only 5 of the 14 were hit (copying updated VMs to these machines cured 4). This is not the first time I've seen Exchange based Virtual Machines have curious VPC/VS related issues - the Exchange UM training sometimes suffers from VM issues too.

For MCTs, this is great training to go on - and I hope to be able to run some Town Hall events later in the summer. Watch this space (or this one).


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