Friday, November 07, 2008

I’ve been robbed

So here I am – in Barcelona at TechEd EMEA. I’ve enjoyed a great dinner with all the PowerShell folks and we’re walking up to a bar on the Ramblas. A chap hands me a card for a bar and suddenly does a knee dance – moving me around and making me off balance. He finished and I start to walk away and I discover my wallet is gone. The police here are a tad unhelpful – pointing me to a phone with free phone number. Amex and Master Card eventually deal but it took a long time.

Thank heavens for good friends: Dmitry from Quest went to the police with me, lent me enough cash to get to the airport, and paid for the cab home. Times like this – you know who your friends really are. Thanks to Dmitry.

Being at a PowerShell dinner with friends that matter: priceless, Being in Barcelona – it sucks.

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