Monday, November 10, 2008

PowerShell Plus – TechEd Conversations

I got a real kick out of chatting with Tobias Weltner and talking to the Idera folks at TechEd Barcelona. Tobias has some great ideas – and some of the as of yet unreleased features he was able to show me were cool. I won’t violate the confidence by saying anything more other than the next release of PowerShell Plus is a must have for any PowerShell power user. I am now using PS+ as my primary IDE for PowerShell. I like the new upcoming ISE that MS will release – but for me, I have an even better tool!

I also enjoyed the chat with Idera. They really get PowerShell and are committed to delivering great tools for IT Pros. Turns out they have a load of SQL, Dynamics and SharePoint too. They also get community too – and are sponsors the community site. Very cool – thanks Idera.

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