Thursday, November 27, 2008

Some Cool PowerShell Scripts For Free

One of the more interesting PowerShell books currently in print is Lee Holmes’s most excellent book, PowerShell Cookbook. This book contains loads of samples and examples of how to use PowerShell. Although the first chapter of the book contains some introductory PowerShell background, this is very much an applied book. It shows how to use the basic PowerShell Language (e.g. Chapter 4 looks at loops and flow control, Chapter 5 examines strings and unstructured text, etc). It also contains information on extending the reach of PowerShell as well as a chapter on Security and Scripts signing. All in all, a very useful book on PowerShell V1 – and I hope it’s updated for Version 2.

One neat thing - the example scripts in  are available for free. Just navigate to and click on the link to PowerShellCookbook S… to download a 54kb zip file that contains 65 documented scripts (and a few additional files used by some of the scripts).

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