Sunday, December 08, 2013

A Lync 2013 Case Study–Evidence, Evidence, Evidence!

As I teach Lync, I find the students in the classes eager for proof, evidence, that Lync really does deliver. It’s all fine and well me repeating the words on the slides, or in my Instructor’s Guide – but seeing a real life customer with real life experiences of the REAL good and bad news of any product is like gold dust. Some case studies read like they were written before the product went in and avoid any discussion of real benefits and problems encountered.

The case study for Mattersight over on makes good reading.Mattersight is a consulting company that The case study notes Lync has saved Mattersight money. The cost of implementing a replacement cost roughly 1/3 what replacing their old gear might have cost.  Most of the savings they have achieve, the article notes, are from reduced licensing costs. Additionally, “Lync can be ‘setup ok [white box] servers that are far less expensive than other UC Systems”, the article notes.

The article also notes that whilst savings are pretty important, what really sold Mattersight on Lync was the way it’s dispersed employee could work more collaboratively. Clearly this was a huge benefit for Mattersight. But I can understand that its’ very hard to put a hard-money amount on what this is work to Mattersight.

A nice success story that shows some of the hard and soft benefits which can accrue through adoption of  Lync. I look forward to more evidence like this.

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