Monday, December 09, 2013

Lync PreCall Diagnostics–For Win 8.1

I just noticed a new application in the Windows 8 store – Lyn 2013 PreCall Diagnostics. You can view details about this app from clicking on the hyperlink, but to use it, you a) must have Windows 8.1 and must install from the Windows Store.

This application enables you to examine the current state of the network and look at how that might impact the media quality should you place a call. What you get is a D shows a graphical view of your network metrics  including Network MOS, Packet Loss and Interarrival Jitter.

If you are working with Lync, especially Lync Enterprise Voice, this is likely to be a very key troubleshooting tool.

My only reservation is that it requires Windows 8.1 and does not appear to run on Windows 8. I really want this on my laptop, but simply cant afford the day or more it would take to reinstall the OS and all my apps.

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