Thursday, December 19, 2013

User Extensible Lync Control Panel

I just found a really cool post by Lync MVP Superstar Matt Landis ( which describes an extensible Lync control Panel. This tool is based on using Dell (Quest) PowerGUI and PowerShell. It looks relatively trivial to add stuff to this control panel (or adapt what’s already there.

PowerGui always had this ability-you can add new nodes to the PowerGui control and add scripts that do things at each node. Ad Matt’s post shows, you can more or less create your own control panel that both looks very similar to the Control Panel inside Lync but you can also add things that are missing.

See the URL above for more details, and also look at a short demo of this tool. With a bit of PowerGui skills and some PowerShell knowledge, you can extend this to do anything you want – for example, you could build in reports and controls for DNS, AD, etc. (all things that support your Lync environment).

Unfortunately, I can’t find anywhere to download it from – but have asked Matt for this. I’ll post more when I get it.

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