Monday, December 23, 2019

PowerShell 7 - Background Job Operator

PowerShell 7 is weeks away from release, with a Release Candidate published a few days ago. A cool new feature of PowerShell 7 is the background job operator, or &.  If you append this operator to the end of a line of code, PowerShell runs that line as a background job. Like this:

In this screenshot, I ran the Update-Help command but appended it with a "&" character. With this,  PowerShell runs the job in the background. Of course, if you exit the PowerShell session that is running this background job, the job is terminated immediately. 

This is a neat new feature. You could add the Update-Help to your PowerShell profile and every time you start PowerShell 7, the profile would ensure your help files are up to date. And unlike doing it in the foreground, updating help as a job means it's transparent -you probably would never notice the job running!

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