Thursday, December 12, 2019

Setting up the Console in PowerShell 7

I am using the latest versions of PowerShell, PowerShell 7, and loving it. Loads of new features, new operators, and better performance. I find myself using both Windows PowerShell 5.1, as well as PowerShell 7 (both preview and daily builds). This is a good environment for me as I am embarking on a book writing project on PowerShell.

Like most long-time PowerShell users, I have made use of my $Profile file to customise and optimise the environment for me. With both daily builds and preview builds and release builds - it gets hard to keep track when I'm inside a PowerShell console window. To help me out, I've added a bit of code to my profile:
If ($Host.Name -eq 'ConsoleHost') {
  $Me = whoami
  $Vn  = $PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Major
  $VNM = $PSVersionTable.PSVersion.Minor
  If ($Host.UI.RawUI.WindowTitle -match 'Administrator') {
     $WindowTitle = "ADMINISTRATOR: PowerShell $Vn.$VNM Rocks!" 
  else {
     $WindowTitle = "$Me - PowerShell $Vn.$VNM Rocks!" 

If ($PSVersionTable.PSVersion.PreReleaseLabel) {
  $WindowTitle +=  "   ** $($PSVersionTable.PSVersion.PreReleaseLabel.toupper()) **" 

# Set it in the $Host
$Host.Ui.RawUi.WindowTitle = $WindowTitle

#  New in 5.1 - Setup PSReadline to be 'better' - For PSReadline V2.

Set-PSReadLineOption -Colors @{
  Command            = 'Cyan'
  Number             = 'White'
  Member             = 'Green'
  Operator           = 'Yellow'
  Type               = 'DarkGreen'
  Variable           = 'Yellow'
  Parameter          = 'Cyan'
  ContinuationPrompt = 'Cyan'
  String             = 'Yellow'
  Default            = 'White'}
This fragment, a part of my normal profile for the console hosts, sets the console host window title, based on who I am (ie is this console run as Administrator?) and it it's is a preview version build then which one (daily build vs released preview). Then uses Set-PSReadLIneOption to set the colours for my console.

These additions to my profile make it easy to see which specific version of PowerShell is running and will set the console colours to my tastes.

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