Monday, August 25, 2003

Bengt Larsson - who's he? More IP Theft

I got a spam mail the other day, offering to help me promote my web site. As an aside, why do these mails always seem to say "I have seen you site and ..." when it's clear that they have never been there? Anyway, I got one to one of the mail alises that I ONLY ever use on the web. It pointed me to "Bengt Larsson home page". I was kind of suprised, to say the least.

That page looked familiar! The thief did not even know enough to change all the links. Now it's not big time IP theft, but the guy really should know better.

The ISP who hosts this guys page has had a complaint, but thus far have done nothing. :-(

An update: the nice folks over at have sorted this out and the pagea are gone.